Seiko V64s

Seiko V64s

Seiko V64s

Seiko V-64 Ink Chip - 500ml

Ink chip with code for Seiko Colorpainter V-64 digital printer.  Choose your ink !  Don’t be forced to buy OEM.  Our rechargeable chip affords you the freedom to select another option other than your OEM manufacturer’s ink.  Includes color code of your choice.

Chip Resetter kit Available NOW!

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Seiko V64 Ink Cartridge

Seiko V64 Ink Cartridges – Don’t jeopardize your machines with cheap inks.   Our inks have been tested in the industry and perform excellent both indoors and outdoors. Our goal is to meet our customers’ demand & provide OEM quality satisfaction at competitive prices.  Our Quality, Service and Unbeatable Prices differs us from our competitors.

  • OEM Compatible
  • Plug & Play Cartridge
  • Obtain any color gamut you wish
  • 3 yr outdoor durability with strong scratch resistance

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SEIKO V64 Ink Bag - 500ml

Seiko V64 has quickly become a popular printer.  We are fully stocked to supply your competetive advantage, with immediate cost savings…Easy to use, swap inkbag into used OEM cartridge!

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Seiko V64 Bulk Cartridge

Seiko V64 Refillable cartridges will allow the usage of bulk ink and eliminate the need to buy OEM Seiko V64 cartridges. Once time purchase is required and save hundreds $$.

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Chip sold separately.

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1L Ink Bottle - Seiko V64

Our inks for Seiko V-series printer are fully compatible with the OEM ink. Offers excellent color gamut, no need to reprofile!  Our inks have been in the market for over 6 years and successfully converted in over 3000+ printers worldwide.

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V64-Lite Bulk System


Seiko V-64s Bulk system – 100% user friendly, no need to buy ink bags or cartridges.  Take advantage and Save.  Easy to use empty dummy cartridges with refill option from bulk ink bottles.  This Continuous Ink System option allows customers to use 1 Liter ink bottles.

BIG savings, NO head clogging, SIMPLE installation.

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Seiko Pro-V64 Bulk System


Our Seiko Pro-V64 Bulk System kit - Includes: Refillable cartridges, rechargeable chips, chip resetter, empty supply bottles with accesories to set up the bulk system.

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